The nQueue Story


In 2003 legal industry veterans Rick Hellers and Ray Zwiefelhofer launched an endeavor to radically change cost recovery. They perceived that legacy providers Equitrac and Copitrak had become like Coke and Pepsi: firms could use either, but they were not really different. Hellers and Zwiefelhofer launched nQueue to be the Red Bull of the industry. The difference maker is embedded solutions running directly in MFDs. While Coke and Pepsi required clunky and unreliable hardware, nQueue became Red Bull by embedding cost recovery software right into the device.

nQueue Becomes the Leader in Cost Recovery Innovation

nQueue continued to innovate over the next six years. We shook up the market by introducing a Buy-It-Once Guarantee that provides our clients with updates and upgrades at no cost. nQueue clients are never forced to choose between purchasing the next version of software they only acquired a few years ago or running versions that are significantly out of date. In 2009 nQueue merged with Billback. The proven success of nQueue’s embedded technology combined with Billback’s solid enterprise platform, expense manager, print management and reporting products created an integrated offering that has resonated strongly with both large and small firms.

The Synergy Between Cost Recovery and Scanning

As nQueue continued to grow, our clients asked us to help them do something else at the MFD level. They wanted to quickly and easily scan documents and have them route automatically to their document management system, email or desktop. nQueue once again embarked on a journey, this time to change the way scanning was done in order to make scanning easier and faster and to offer more choices on how a document is captured, processed and acted upon.

Scan Workflows Simplified

Users today are demanding fewer clicks, more ease of use, immediate user adoption and no disruption to the way their attorneys want to work. Although they may not be formally documented, firms all rely on standard workflows. And they want their workflows turbocharged, without their worlds being turned upside down. That’s why nQueue created three workflows, or OnRamps, that allow users to capture the document as they like.

Workflow 1 – WorkPlace Scan allows users to easily scan directly from the device.

Workflow 2 – Cover Scan allows users to create QR Code cover sheets with scanning and routing information at their desktops.

Workflow 3 – Queue’s are for personal scanners at the desktop and for already electronic files.

nQueue has also built workflows called OffRamps for every destination, including document management systems (such as eDocs, iManage, SharePoint and NetDocuments), user folders, desktops and email.

All scanning is controlled by one piece of software, the Command Center which directs and feeds the InfoRoute server or scan engine. A single engine can scan as many as 16,000 pages per hour—and engines can be tied together to increase bandwidth, overall speed and load balancing and failover.  InfoRoute is powered by ABBYY, the number one OCR software in the world, which provides the most accurate, fastest and smallest files.

Speed, Quality, File Size and Accuracy Should Be Key Concerns

Not all scanning is equal; that’s a myth. Scanning the same document with different software will produce wildly different results. Let’s debunk some myths of scanning right now.

Myth #1: I don’t need special software for OCR.

  • The fact is most device-based OCR tools are not particularly accurate. Late in 2016 a leading consumer laboratory tested several OCR engines and concluded that the ABBYY engine used by InfoRoute is 1.5 percent more accurate than the next competitor. That may not sound like much, but it’s a lot—it represents more than 18,000 fewer errors per bankers box. Those errors increase risk and at best will take time to fix.

Myth #2: File size isn’t that important.

  • nQueue produces smaller files than our competition, which can save gigabytes and even terabytes over time. That’s a big difference considering the cost of storage, backups, co-locations, additional servers and power searching. Also, many courts have file size limits for e-filing.

Myth #3: All scanners function at roughly the same speed.

  • Only nQueue offers the blazing speed of our InfoRoute engine powered by ABBYY. A single InfoRoute engine can process up to 16,000 pages per hour, and when engines are tied together, the sky is the limit. Attorneys and staff don’t want to spend all day at the device; they want to scan a document and have it waiting for them when the return to their desk; nQueue can provide that speed.

Myth #4: Quality scans require massive file size.

  • You do not need to sacrifice file size for quality. At nQueue, we provide the smallest file size without skimping on quality.

Myth #5: Accurate QA of scanning cannot be done inside the tool.

  • nQueue incorporates a sensible and easy-to-use QA process directly into our workflow. Unlike our competitors’ pie in the sky notions, our QA module fits attorneys’ workflows and takes a firm’s desire to save work product into account.

Why nQueue Is the Best Choice Worldwide

nQueue today is a powerhouse in the legal industry. Our software runs on five continents spanning 52 countries. Our clients include six of the top 10 firms in the world, among those clients are Dentons, which is the largest firm in the world; American powerhouse Jones Day; ENS, which is the largest firm in Africa; CMS, with one of the largest footprints in EMEA; and Minter Ellison, a dynamo throughout Asia. We also have four patents on embedded technology, developer partnerships with six MFD manufacturers and strategic partnerships with more than 22 resellers.

Our commitment to turbocharging information workflows is unparalleled in the industry, and all of our products work with and without cost recovery. Our support team is legendary, solving 92 percent of problems on the first call.  And our implementation team takes a professional consultative approach, working closely with our clients to determine what is necessary to accomplish a firm’s goals and providing a level of service above and beyond what is expected. At nQueue our desire is to map a precise strategy that will work in conjunction with your environment and provide a unique solution that not only addresses your need for integration now, but will also incorporate a level of integration that can only be described as “this is exactly how I would like it to work.”

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I love nQueue! While [their competitor] over-promises features and then does not deliver on their promise, we have been extremely happy with nQueue’s products and services.”

“nQueue listens to their clients, and appreciates client feedback and any ideas we present for future enhancements.”

“I never have a problem when I call. Thank goodness it is not often but always have great service from anyone I speak with.”

“nQueue support is fantastic!”

“[Your team member] was really great to work with on our upgrade. Everything went smooth and when it didn’t he took care of any issues that came up.”

“[Your team member] assisted with our equipment refresh from Canon to Xerox devices. As always, she extended herself well beyond my expectations. She made herself fully available for pre and post install conferences as well as throughout the day of install. She worked over the weekend to confirm that all transaction types were being captured through nQueue reporting during our test phase and she reconnected with me on install day to address outstanding items. Our rollout would not have been nearly as successful without her involvement. Excellent responses and resolutions throughout the upgrade process!”

“I just wanted to pass on that we did a conversion this weekend relating to our Billback login IDs. [Your team member] was responsible for the work on your end and she did a great job, putting in a lot of good work with strong attention to detail.”

“Thanks for the 5 star service!”

“You don’t often see people calling you to come do a health check on the system. nQueue is very proactive. They are willing to spend resources to make sure we are happy.”

“nQueue has enabled us to be more systematic about how we plan our resources and has enabled us to better manage the expectations of our internal clients. Ultimately, it has freed up precious time, so that we can look at other ways to add more value and deliver an excellent end product.”

“Thanks very much. I appreciate how promptly you respond to and resolve problems and your professionalism, as well as the good training that you have provided in a very professional manner.”

“[Your team member] has been so nice and so easy to work with! I’ll tell you, if everybody at my job was this easy, my job would be a million times easier!”

“Our firm is very pleased with your product and the professional support we have received through the years.”

“The people of nQueue have always been instrumental with help anytime I have called.”

“We have been very pleased all along the way with your product and services.”

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