Cost Recovery Products for Law Firms

Want More than a “Make a Copy, Bill for a Copy” Solution?

With nQueue’s advanced Cost Recovery solutions you can capture more data with greater accuracy. Better managing and controlling costs across your law firm helps reverse the trend of declining recoveries.

In fact, our sole purpose is to help you improve your profitability and turbocharge your workflows. To accomplish these all-important goals, we’ve created technology that offers ease of use, enhanced security integrated workflow, platform connections, and improved firm productivity and cost savings – all delivered by a trusted partner totally committed to your success.

nQueue’s Unique Technology Transforms the User Experience

By deploying nQueue’s Cost Recovery solutions, you gain access to our exclusive “Adaptive Intelligence” technology. Adaptive Intelligence simplifies the user experience by anticipating the user’s needs and minimizing the work necessary to accomplish them.

Adaptive Intelligence uses a unique algorithm to:

          • Automatically push best match information to the top of the screen
          • Instantly provide users with the correct client/matter information
          • Predict how the user will use the software
          • Intelligently show the right options
          • Allow the user to move to the right field, area or screen without a click
          • Enable fewer keystrokes and less effort
          • Produce more work in less time

Reverse the trend of declining recoveries and improve profitability firm-wide with nQueue’s Cost Recovery solution.