ALA 2017 Resources

In case you missed the presentations at ALA by nQueue’s Senior Vice President,  John Gilbert, or you want to share these resources, check out the following resources:

Top 12 Objections to Scanning and Destroying Paper

Presentation summary:

    • In a law practice, staff responsible for information technology, records and administration wrestle with the costs and effort devoted to paper files and boxes stored on- and off-site.
    • In this session, we will quickly cover each of the 12 most common objections to moving to a “less-paper” workflow and provide tips on how to overcome them.

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The Less Paper Law Firm: A Case Study

Presentation summary:

Today’s law firms and legal departments understand that reducing the amount of paper in their office can have substantial benefits. Through less-paper initiatives, legal operations of all sizes can create efficient workflows, enable remote access, reduce on-site storage footprint and realize savings from phasing out onsite and offsite storage.

This case study will review how to successfully implement a less-paper initiative utilizing an all-digital document retention solution supported by state-of-the-art scanning and routing technology.

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MobilePrint and Print AnyWhere

Also at ALA, we introduced our new MobilePrint module for our Print AnyWhere solution. With MobilePrint, printing is easy and convenient. You can print directly from notebooks or mobile devices to virtually any printer. Contact us to learn more about MobilePrint and Print AnyWhere now.